Cardano ₳rk

Our mission is to provide accountability to the philanthropy within Cardano.


Requirements of ₳rk ₳ffiliates

Ark Affiliates are charity driven Cardano Stake Pools with similar beliefs and priorities. 

50% Minimum of all pool rewards are donated to the pools mission. 

100% Transparency of donations.

100% Clean Energy.

  • We believe in the Cardano Foundation and their vision.

  • ​We believe that we have a responsibility to our planet and those living on it. 

  • We believe we can make a difference. 

  • We believe that one of the most beautiful details about the system, proof of stake, its ability for delegators to donate without donating. 

    • A perfect way to earn for your investment, while earning for charity.

    • Delegators have the choice which pool they want to earn extra rewards, without effecting their earnings.

  • We believe that all successful Cardano Stake Pools, will be earning extreme wealth.

  • We believe people will make the right choice.

    • Choose to support pools willing to donate over pools earning for their own benefit. 

  • We believe a charity driven pool should be donating 50% of all ​pool rewards. 

  • We believe a charity driven pool should be 100% transparent and held accountable. 


Cardano ₳rk ₳ffiliates Stake Pools

By supporting one of these pools, you know your delegation is going towards a good cause, 50% or more to charity, 3% or less Margin, and 100% Transparent. 

bio pool logo.jpg

BIO ₳rk


50% Environmental Causes

Active Stake: 4M ADA

Estimated Monthly Blocks: ~23

ARK logo.png

Noah's ₳rk


50% to Various Causes

Active Stake: 488k ADA

Estimated Monthly Blocks: 2.88


Peter's ₳rk


50% to Causes for Children

Active Stake: 5k ADA

Estimated Monthly Blocks: .03

st4na logo.png

Nature ₳rk

[ST4NA] Stake for Nature

50% Environmental Causes

Active Stake: 280k ADA

Estimated Monthly Blocks: 1.68


Family ₳rk

[FAM] Family Pool

50% Supporting Families and Orphans

Active Stake: 25.3k ADA

Estimated Monthly Blocks: .12

Mermaid ₳rk

[TAILS] Metro Mermaids

50% Environmental Causes

Active Stake: 875k ADA

Estimated Monthly Blocks: 4.8


2021 Donations: $6,890

₳₳ started in July 2021

AA annual donation report sept.PNG