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eFortresses, Inc. (a Gartner 2013 Cool Vendor) is a AI powered Cybersecurity SaaS company that allows our customers to self-assess, get validated, get trained, get certified, and reduce their breach probability at a fraction of the time and cost.

Our vision is to be the world's most trusted source for predicting and reducing cyber breach probability for both government and commercial sectors.

We enable our clients to reduce their breach probability and maintain the highest levels of ongoing cybersecurity maturity.

We developed the first and most comprehensive Cyber Security Rating Services (SRS) platform, focused on cloud security assessments, scoring and benchmarking.

Our SaaS platform, branded as CloudeAssurance and CMMCSCORECARD, currently automates the workflow for education, assessment, scoring, breach probability rating and benchmarking of controls (people, process and technology) for small, medium and large organizations across all industry verticals.

We proactively reduce probability of customers making headline news due to a Cyber Security breach or data loss that results in major financial and reputational losses.

Knowledge and expertise are provided by a combination of automated assessment, extensive and continuous research, and real world experience gained in projects over several years for government and commercial organizations worldwide.

Our focus is always to identify risks, then propose and help operationalize remedial actions that produce tangible value and ensure the highest levels of ongoing cybersecurity maturity.

Business Services

  • Technical Business Consulting and Support!

    • Specialized in Transitioning Small Businesses to Corporate Organizations

    • Compliance Policies and Procedures implementation.

    • Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning.

  • Enterprise Level Security Validation Services, powered by our experienced partner, eFortresses Inc.​



  • Certification of customer personnel through our HISP training.

  • Certification readiness consulting to customers.


  • Integration of information security best practices with multiple regulatory compliance requirements.


  • Automation of the compliance assessment process.

eFortresses services is available to all types of businesses, but what we are most excited about, is applying our methods into the crypto space. 

eFortresses has developed a researched based set of standards specifically Blockchain Projects. Standards are based off of all of the known breaches since the beginning of Bitcoin.

Crypto ISO is what we are calling it. Crypto International Organization for Standardization

Name and finalized set of standards still yet to be finalized. 

By assembling the basics of HISP standards, mixed with known breaches, we have developed a standard that all crypto implementations should follow.

With the experienced team, joining forces with the Cardano Ark team, we have the resources to provide all levels of consulting and hands on support for all types of business, projects, hobbies, and personal use.