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Bounty Board and Ark Store Information Below. 

  • Twitter

Bounty Board

  • The Cardano Ark Bounty Board is a platform for freelance on meta.

    • Initial Bounties are limited to the gathering of information.

      • Keeping it very simple, to prove the concept and grow the community while development is performed.


  • Information is tweeted/reddit post/or youtube by the Author. 

    • Advertise to Earn bonuses available and optional.

    • Tweet is posted in discord to Claim the Bounty.

  • Information is utilized by the Cardano Ark Team to produce the News Feeds.

    • Summaries in Weekly Youtube Videos and Twitter Spaces.


  • Long term, the team will grow, and the Bounty Board will be an automated platform opening up the door to endless freelance opportunities.

    • Quality Freelance Platform with a rating system and more.

    • Integrating the Ark Store, fueling the collection of materials to produce consumables!


  • To become a trusted source, you must obtain the L1 Bounty Hunter Role. 


  • Official Team members will automatically be awarded the L1 Bounty Hunter Role.

    • Non Official Team members must earn their spot as a trusted bounty hunter for each individual project they intend to hunt and retrieve bounties!

  • The OG Virtual Worlds offer in-game achievements, they will be linked to higher level bounty hunter roles. This will unlock further opportunities, such as, but not limited to:

    • Virtual Tour Guides tailored to your Meta!

    • Hiring BodyGuards/Groups .

    • Endgame achievements.

    • Higher value resource gathering.

  Ark Store - Rental and/or Retail

  • Your one stop shop with everything you may need on the meta. 

    • If it exists, and the Ark doesn't have it, the Ark will know where to find it!

  • Prepared kits tailored for all levels on each local meta.

    • Retail Options

      • Consumables: Foods, drinks, potions, and more!

      • Rental Options tailored to the local meta.

      • Items: Weapons, Vehicles, Armor, and more!

    • Virtual Real Estate or Advertisement Space.

      • Access to residence only spaces/events/gameplay.

  • Long term, the Bounty Board will enable opportunities to collect resources and sustain on any Meta!


  • If you have the ability to post on the Bounty Board, you can acquire help for just about anything.

    • Some examples, not guaranteed to be available, nor is this the limit of the possibilities!

      • Have a reward for a scavenger hunt you really want to win?

      • Rent a vehicle!

      • Even for residence only?

      • Rent an apartment!

      • Help with a quest.

      • Hire a world specialist and you guys can do it together!

      • Help with in game professions

      • Grinding for materials.

      • Hire Muscle to complete a task!

      • Hire Strong Muscle for your PVP team!

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