Investment Strategy

The stake pool income is to ensure consistent growth and stability in the passive income. 

The virtual landlord opportunities provide the potential for exponential growth in the passive income.

Learn more about the distribution of passive income under Staking Rewards

At first we aim to build a strong foundation by investing in the metaverse major projects being built on Cardano. Starting Simple, and growing as we learn more. Quality Projects with established teamwork, planning, communication, organization, and transparency. The Charles Hoskinson way. 

  • Pavia​

  • Cornucopia

  • CardaStation

  • UnboundedEarth

Cardano Ark Content will be reviewing these projects regularly, keeping our community up to date with our current portfolio, and doing brief reviews potential projects and we can see what projects we like and want to dig deeper into. By researching and communicating our findings, the community can guide our investment strategy.


Voting for future strategy changes and pivots will be done through discord. 1 OG NFT = 1 VOTE

Now many of these projects bring added value in the form of their metaverse currency rewards of their own. 

I believe early on the best play is to hold onto these tokens in our treasury, but we are open to voting on other ways to utilize the tokens. Maybe farming or something along those lines. Focused on building many streams of income and transferring the value into $CARK for our OG Holders.

With 400 Sales we can rely on monthly (on average) rewards to fund the project. 

with 4000 Sales, we are immediately self sustaining and growing. 

Incubating projects, automating metaverse item rentals, and other perks of owning metaverse items. 

The value of the $CARK coin will be compounding, with monthly $ADA dumping into liquidity.  

Thats where the decentralized stake pool operation pays out and combined with all streams of income. 

From a birds eye view, the investment strategy is diversify in select industries within the Crypto space.