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Meta Opportunities

Our team has a unique experience and understanding of what is possible in the Metaverse.

We understand that we will need to adapt with the evolution of the industry.

Many possibilities and opportunities will unravel over time. We will be prepared for it when it does. 

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Future NFT Mints

Collaborations will allow us to create future NFT Projects for usable items in metaverses, and 100% of our portion of these projects go into our treasury, earning more and more rewards to be transferred into $CARK token value. 

Potentially providing loan services also. For sure, rental of items. These are community decisions. 

Billboard Ads in high traffic locations

With funding we are able to build larger than 9x9 Estates, which allows our buildings will be bigger, higher, and more attractive for many reasons. We can build a shopping mall if the holders want it!

Benefits of Owning Virtual Land plots, Vehicles, and other virtual assets

Many of the metaverse land plots come with passive income in the token of the metaverse. This is all streams of income that will be transferred into $CARK token value. 

Rental Vehicle: 

Instead of walking for 15 minutes and seeing 10% of the whole metaverse, you could rent a car and return it all trustless and seamless with smart contracts if the holders want it!


Meta Advertisements

  • During the next bull run, there are going to be more eyes on the multiple metaverses in the multiverse than ever before. 

  • Discounts for holders.

    • 1% per NFT discount up to 50% off all advertisement packages. ​

      • Coming soon!​