Membership Rewards

Purchase our Membership NFT on our website. We will hold the NFT in your account until/if you choose to withdraw to a trusted Cardano Wallet.


Our membership is designed to provide a safe, secure, and friendly entryway into the crypto/metaverse space - while providing opportunity for long-term generational wealth for passenger's of the Ark!

Best Practice methods of securely storing your keys, and navigating this new world that is growing, changing, and expanding at all times.

The membership gives you the one year support to help you adjust.

The older your membership NFT, the more Staking Rewards you will receive.

The design rewards early investors and holders!

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Active Members have access to our knowledgebase, common issues and solutions, and support channels. Having verified crypto experienced helpdesk technicians, around the clock, ready to help!

Where the material available and support chat isn't enough, deeper inquiries would be directed to our higher level support, available through the public services.

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