Financial Reports

Staking Rewards

When a Membership NFT gets minted, the staking will be initiated. 

Averaging ~180 Million $ARK tokens ,per NFT, per year.

If you mint on July 7th, you will get ~90 Million through the remainder of the year. 

All unclaimed rewards for the year will be distributed equally among all membership NFT Token holders.

Unminted NFT's will be distributed for free by lottery to all active holders. One lottery entry per NFT and you can win as many times a luck falls on your side. 

Now every year, your total amount increases by ~180 Million Tokens. 

On the 5th year that would earn you 912 Million Tokens Annually.

​So if you had it for 10 years, you will earn ~3.6 Billion per year staking rewards.

The earlier NFTs will be far more valuable over the long run.

Max Supply estimated at 597,870,000,000 $ARK Tokens.

That is approx 4 times more than DOGE and 1000x less than Shiba